When you sleep here, it’s eye-opening.

There’s nothing like waking up to bird song, fresh air, the sun cresting over the ridge. When you wake in nature, you never want to hit snooze. That’s what a cabin stay at Juneberry Ridge is like, but with all the comforts of home including air conditioned cabins complete with comfortable queen beds. We do offer free WiFi however we will do our best to invite you out to browse the forest, the landscape, and the sky during your stay with us.

All-inclusive farm stays.

Our regenerative farm stays combine everything we have to offer in one complete and all-inclusive wellness weekend. Arrive on a Friday evening, and leave refreshed on Sunday afternoon after an immersive farm experience. We’re currently offering farm stays just one special weekend each month, however we are always growing. Please contact us with any questions about booking your stay.

Lodging for any day.

Standard lodging includes access to our property, trails, and tennis courts, however meals and additional activities must be booked separately. Please give us a call or submit a request online to plan your stay.


Let Nature Lead®: We invite you to come stay with us, walk our trails, and try our food. Letting nature lead is a mindset we apply in all we do.

Wooded Cabins

Acorn • Chestnut • Fig • Filbert • Maypop

Longleaf Cottage • Angler Homestead

Our five one-bedroom cabins are cozy, relaxed, and eco-conscious. Each is fully energy efficient and forest adjacent so you can wake to bird song, fresh air, and the sun cresting over the Ridge. Larger groups can enjoy the comforts of our two three-bedroom options including the Longleaf Cottage or the the Angler Homestead, complete with your very own private fishing pond.