Our Story

Walking in
the footsteps
of nature

When you ask how Juneberry Ridge came to be, our
reply is always “nature put out a call, and we answered.”
More than a decade later, nature is still the boss, and we
work every day to give it, and you, our best.

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.

– Frank Lloyd Wright

How Juneberry
took root

We’d like to say our farm began with a dream, but in fact, it began with a challenge. Judy Carpenter, a national champion in a “man’s sport,” was told to find her own place for competitive clay shooting.
So she did.

While building Lucky Clays into a renowned five-stand destination, the land spoke to her. Her vision was to preserve, deepen, and share its natural abundance. Juneberry Ridge was born: a working farm, a place to retreat into nature, and an always evolving model for sustainability.

A Piedmont

Set in the rolling countryside of the Piedmont plateau, the Ridge is scenic as far as the eye can see: to the west, the Blue Ridge Mountains; to the east, the Atlantic coast. And below, the Hardy Creek makes its lazy way—the only lazy thing you’ll see on our farm.

Not just

The word “sustainability” gets thrown around so much, it’s almost lost meaning. That’s not for us. We want to infuse new meaning, to live and grow and explore in ways that feed the land, its people and our community as one.

The Ridge, the soil, and you.

We’ll be honest: nature is our first love. But hospitality has become a close second, because nourishing others is in our mission—and nothing nourishes like nature. We’ve seen ourselves how transformative Juneberry Ridge can be—for teams, for individuals, even for those of us who work and live here. And we can’t wait to share.

Empowering a greener future.

You can’t power a farm with good intentions. But you can insist those intentions guide the energy you choose. As North Carolina’s largest residential renewable energy system, we build, harvest, host, and live in a “pursuit of a better way.”