Energy conservation

Not just a pretty space.

We’re the first to say that the Ridge is gorgeous, but it’s beautiful far beyond what the eye can see. It’s powered in ways that sustain, not drain, the planet—all part of how we walk the walk.

Our renewable energy system, wind turbine included, came online in 2010, and has become the state’s largest residential model for sustainable energy use:

  • Top Energy Star rating
  • Nearly 60% of electricity each year from renewable energy sources
  • Cutting 29K tons of CO2 emissions yearly—substantially reducing our carbon footprint
Like specifics?

Our energy initiatives include:

  • 35-kilowatt solar PV array
  • 5-kilowatt wind turbine generator
  • 3-day battery storage capacity for critical building system operation
  • Bi-directional electrical metering with Pee Dee Electric to sell back power to the grid during non-peak consumption
  • Capacity to power nearly 3.5 average-sized homes

Built to outlast a lifetime.

In constructing for Juneberry, we ask ourselves: will the structures we build contribute to the life of the land? Not to mention the lifelong memories of your visit? Our LEED Gold certification answers “yes” to both.



  • 90% drought-resistant, indigenous plants and turf
  • Excess lumber mulched and reused as soil amendments
  • High-albedo (reflective) materials for 100% of hardscape areas, to reduce heat-island effect
  • 100% non-room areas permanently permeable
  • 100% of roof area used for rainwater harvesting
  • Permeable, fully drainable paver system to collect up to 4” of rain per hour
  • Paver system designed to drain into 8,000-gallon underground irrigation system
  • High-efficiency plumbing for all lavatory faucets, showers and toilets
  • Exceptional energy and atmosphere system performance:
    • Enhanced insulation and envelope enclosure
    • High-performance windows
    • High-efficiency geo-thermal heat pump
    • High-efficiency gas, tankless hot water heating system
    • Advanced lighting, compact fluorescent system
    • Energy Star-rated appliances
    • Home automation control with load shedding (conservation) capability
  • Environmentally preferred products:
    • No tropical woods
    • Wood flooring reclaimed from Cape Fear River basin or reclaimed barn timbers
    • Low-emission, reclaimed or locally produced subflooring, roof framing, sheathing, insulation, gypsum board, concrete and landscaping materials