Farm & Produce

Where there’s always room to grow.

The farm is our heart. It’s what keeps us grounded, literally. We sow seeds. We raise fish. We get our hands dirty. And we can still be mesmerized by the sunset. But we’re aiming for a bigger harvest: An education in nature. Lifelong bonds. Lasting memories. A renewable future for agriculture, and for all of us.

Fresh from the Ridge™

The food we grow is love at first taste. That real green—or red, or yellow, or orange—that only comes from the freshest, locally grown produce. Just the colors that nature saw fit to make.

…There is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem.

– Booker T. Washington

Labors of love for the earth.

When we say we let nature lead, we mean we’ve taken our growing lessons from the land itself—and sometimes from its struggles. Seeing that conventional farming practices could often bite the land that fed them, we took a different path. And now, we’ve made it our responsibility to lead.

The balance of power.

We couldn’t serve the future in one way and not another; that’s just not how we’re built. So Juneberry Ridge is powered in ways that maintain the delicate balance the planet demands.

Creating a safe space.

As growers, we’re accountable to nature, and to you. As people, we’re accountable to each other. That’s why our food and farm safety standards are as rigorous as they come—so you, our staff, and the environment are all well cared for.