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Moving from sustainability to regenerative agriculture at Juneberry Ridge

Part retreat, part conference center, part weekend getaway, part farm, part agritourism destination and part mission to prove the concept of regenerative farming – Juneberry Ridge is hard to describe because there’s no one way to describe it. And that’s not even mentioning the tilapia, trout and clay shooting.

Owned by former National Welders Supply Company Chairwoman Judy Carpenter, Juneberry Ridge is a simple idea that became a mission to change the world – a weekend retreat that has evolved into a lifetime passion project for all involved. At its heart is the juneberry, a tart blueberry-like fruit found on a tree known for its resilience and ever-changing appearance – the perfect metaphor for a picturesque retreat that is constantly evolving.

by Timothy Hager at Foundation for the Carolinas
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