Activity Rates


(All activities will be charged a 20% service fee – covers labor required to execute)

Lucky Clays Five Stand
Shooting Clays Experience
(1 hour rate, price per person)
*Pricing includes gun rental, ammo and targets, eye and ear protection, safety training and instruction


Archery Tag
(1 hour rate, per person)
*Pricing includes bow and arrows, eye protection, safety training and instruction


Falconry Demonstration
Carolina Raptor Center will bring live birds to teach about what makes raptors unique in the avian world and what actions can be taken to make a difference for wildlife and the environment.

One Hour (4 Birds)
Two Hours (4 Birds)


Edible Landscape Tour
In this one hour guided session guests will tour our edible landscaping with our lead designer who will explain our systems approach to land management with a focus on regenerative agriculture.

Groups of up to 7 people
Each additional person


Aquaponics Greenhouse Tour
A one hour behind the scenes tour of our 40,000 square feet, state-of-the-art aquaponics greenhouse facility. We grow tilapia, bibb lettuce, and fresh herbs at scale to provide local grocery stores with fresh produce. Ages 8 and older only, please.
Max group size: 30

Groups of up to 7 people
Each additional person


Foraging Experience
A two-hour immersive experience with a certified foraging guide in the forest to identify wild edible plants and fungi. You are welcome and encouraged to take home any treasures you find. We cannot guarantee that you will find edible products as items are seasonal and weather dependent, but we can assure you a feast for your senses.

Groups of up to 6 people
Each additional person



1 hour access to our grounds for private photography