Denim Juneberry apron


If there’s one thing a southerner knows, it’s hospitality. So trust us when we say that when you wear this denim apron, you’ll look the part. Whether you’ve got fish on the grill or biscuits in the oven, you’ll look like the host (or hostess) with the most (or mostess).

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Stock Manufacturing Company Black Demin Apron customized exclusively with our Juneberry Ridge Logo.
Expertly crafted in Chicago using premium Cone Mills Denim, these aprons are the benchmark for utility and style. They're designed for a variety of uses, with a custom adjustable neck strap and two pockets.

Features: Bar Tack and Box Stitch Reinforcement, Utility Pockets, Adjustable Metal Slide

Material: 10oz 100% Cotton Raw Denim, Natural Cotton Webbing Ties

Fit: 32" Length

Handmade in Chicago, USA


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