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When loved ones travel from across the state, across the country, or across the world to reunite, these places make it easy to enjoy their precious time together.

Set on 750 acres in Stanly County, Juneberry Ridge was founded in 2009 as a shooting venue called Lucky Clays Farm by national clay-shooting champion Judy Carpenter. The property was renamed Juneberry Ridge in 2021 and is now a working farm and retreat destination that features a stand for clay shooting (complete with an instructor for novices).

Visitors can also learn other new skills — archery, gardening, and painting — or explore the property. Hiking trails lead past old stills and a historic homestead, and tours take guests through the greenhouse and grounds while guides explain how the farm uses regenerative agriculture to transform the land. “A visit to Juneberry Ridge can leave most of our customers with that feeling of closeness to the land and the food systems that feed us,” says Chief Marketing Officer Mike Woronuk. In the evenings, families can play billiards in the Saskatoon Lounge before spending the night in cabins featuring furniture and trim made from timber grown and cut on the farm.

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