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We’re always growing and our new map design shows all our land and facilities in one beautiful image.

Pictured in our new map, you’ll be able to spot our forest walking trails, all our facilities, and especially new areas that our team is actively transforming. Areas marked as Silvo Pasture are brand new developments initiated in 2022 that will come fully online throughout 2023. In sum, we’re busy working away to harvest monoculture pine forests, fence in 400 acres, and employ a new force of nearly 3,000 hard working animals to help us rotationally graze and rehabilitate the depth and quality of the organic material in our soil.

See our past post about the development of our 20-acre West Hinson Orchard to learn more about regenerative farming land concepts such as Silvo Pasture. You’ll also discover more about the expansion of our animals and polyculture grazing in both our 2022 year-end post, and our recent post by our livestock manager about our feathery co-workers.

A small but important update to our property map in 2023 is the return to the original name of our largest events venue. What was known as The Lakeview will now be called the Toadhouse, which is the original name our founder Judy Carpenter coined for it during its construction. For anyone curious, a short walk around the forest, pond, and creek surrounding this venue will fill your ears with sounds from all types of life around you. Birds, crickets, and yes if you’re lucky you’ll hear a few of our local Carolina Fowler’s Toads, and Southern Chorus Frogs, too. Tuning into nature is an essential part of any visit to Juneberry Ridge and the Toadhouse is still the same great events venue and the center of much of our programming this year.

And finally, this is just the start!

Our new guest-facing map provides a present day picture of a bigger land development plan we’re envisioning over the next 5 to 10 years as Juneberry Ridge develops and grows. We’re grateful to our architecture partners Land Design and the excellent design team at Bartley & Dick who helped us produce this beautiful new visualization of our property.

As we look to the future, the changes we’re making to our land now have put Juneberry Ridge on a path towards developing some of the most resilient farmland in all of North Carolina for generations to come.

About the Author
Mike Woronuk

Mike has led our marketing efforts at Juneberry Ridge since January of 2020. Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada—he's often found calling Juneberries by their Canadian name, "Saskatoons". His family has farmed wheat, canola, and barley for over 100 years, but he owes his introduction to regenerative agriculture to Juneberry Ridge.


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